sensXPERT, a leading innovator in advanced manufacturing technologies, is pleased to announce that its CEO and Founder, Dr. Alexander Chaloupka, will be delivering a thought provoking and informative presentation at the Advanced Engineering Show. The event is scheduled to take place at the NEC in Birmingham on November 1st and 2nd, 2023. 

Dr. Chaloupka’s presentation, titled “Transforming real-time sensor data with AI: How to achieve up to 8% cycle time reduction in the automotive industry,” is set to be a highlight of the Automotive forum during the “automotive parts driven by data” session. This session is scheduled for November 1st from 10:00 AM to 11:00 AM. 

The global automotive industry is currently facing immense pressure to develop sustainable and cost-effective manufacturing processes for composite parts. However, producing polymer composites poses significant challenges due to batch variations, environmental factors, and complex material behaviour. These challenges result in uncertain product quality, longer cycle times, heavy reliance on post-production checks, and increased waste. 

Dr. Chaloupka’s presentation will shed light on a groundbreaking study that showcases how the integration of sensors, machine learning, and material models can monitor, predict, and optimise production processes in the automotive industry. This innovative approach identifies key quality parameters by studying cure behaviour and cycle times in encapsulation tests. During the presentation, Dr.Chaloupka will demonstrate how one automotive supplier was able to achieve a remarkable reduction in cycle times, up to 8%, even in processes with very short cycle times, by creating AI models that predict demoulding quality. 

This presentation promises to provide valuable insights into the future of automotive manufacturing, highlighting the potential of AI-driven solutions to revolutionise efficiency, quality, and sustainability in the industry. 

To register for the Advanced Engineering Show and secure your spot at Dr. Chaloupka’s presentation, please visit the following link: Register Here 

Dr Alex Chaloupka explains: “We are excited to share our insights at the Advanced Engineering Show. The work represents a significant milestone in our mission to transform industries through the power of sensor technology and artificial intelligence. Our efforts in achieving up to 8% cycle time reduction in the automotive industry exemplify our commitment to innovation, efficiency, and sustainability. We invite everyone to join us at this event and witness the future of automotive manufacturing.” 


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