Client: ST Engineering MRAS

Industry: Aerospace – Nacelle Systems

Challenge: ST Engineering MRAS needed a website that effectively showcased their sophisticated nacelle systems while enhancing user engagement and providing clear, accessible information to a diverse audience. The existing site lacked a modern design, intuitive navigation, and comprehensive product information.

Fluency’s Solution:

  • Brand Alignment: Worked closely with ST Engineering MRAS to understand their brand and technical offerings. Created a sleek, professional website design that reflects their commitment to innovation and precision.
  • Targeted Content: Developed clear, concise copy highlighting the unique features and benefits of their nacelle systems. Emphasised how their technology enhances aircraft performance and efficiency.
  • User Experience (UX) Design: Focused on a user-centric design, ensuring easy navigation and quick access to key information such as product details, specifications, and case studies.
  • Visual Appeal: Utilised high-quality images and graphics to create a visually engaging site that effectively communicates the technical sophistication of their products.
  • Interactive Elements: Incorporated interactive features like animations and 3D models to provide a deeper understanding of nacelle system functionalities.


  • Increased Engagement: The redesigned website effectively captures the interest of visitors through its modern design and interactive elements.
  • Improved User Experience: Enhanced navigation and accessible information lead to a smoother, more intuitive user experience.
  • Strengthened Brand Image: The professional and visually appealing website reinforces ST Engineering MRAS’s reputation as a leader in aerospace technology.

Fluency’s comprehensive approach to website design helped ST Engineering MRAS enhance their online presence, making it easier for visitors to understand and appreciate their advanced nacelle systems.

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