MRAS, a world-leading manufacturer of thrust reversers, engine nacelle components and specialized aerostructures, is pleased to announce that Paul Hylenski, Composites Operations Leader at Middle River Aerostructure Systems, will be a featured speaker at CAMX 2023, the largest and most comprehensive composites and advanced materials event in North America, which takes place from the 30th October to the 2nd November.

Hylenski’s presentation, titled “Separator Reduction through Human Factors Statistical Analysis,” is set to take place on November 1st at 1:30 pm.

In an industry where precision and safety are paramount, MRAS has achieved a remarkable milestone. Through the innovative application of statistical analysis and a focus on fostering psychological safety in the composite fabrication process, the company has successfully eliminated 92% of separator issues in their manual layup processes. Hylenski’s presentation centers on a meticulous statistical study which involves a comprehensive review of all plies, classifying them by occurrence and risk. A regression analysis was then performed to identify correlations, shedding light on key areas for improvement.

Additionally, the company conducted in-depth statistical analyses on their Automated Complacency risks, which resulted in the near-elimination of separator-related problems. The findings revealed that creating a psychologically safe environment for providing feedback and utilizing statistical insights to pinpoint high-risk plies led to a reduction in overall complacency.

Hylenski explains: “This transformation extended beyond mere statistical analysis. By changing the environment surrounding high-risk plies, MRAS effectively altered the instinctive behavior of its employees. This behavioral shift improved the muscle memory of the workforce, ensuring that separator-related issues became a thing of the past. This successful approach was leveraged across the entire business.”

During the presentation, Hylenski will discuss how MRAS has implemented a complacency scoring model on areas of automation. He will explain how this model led to the introduction of variable inspection points, effectively reducing and eliminating complacency and, consequently, defects in their processes. By allowing operators to control drift in the process and minimize separator and FOD (Foreign Object Debris) occurrences, this innovative approach has further enhanced the company’s operational efficiency.

Paul Hylenski’s presentation at CAMX 2023 promises attendees valuable knowledge and insight into how statistical analysis and a focus on psychological safety can lead to dramatic improvements in operational processes and safety outcomes.

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