Brand creation and management

Developing strong and compelling brands

Whether you are starting from the ground up or need to re-energise your existing brand, we will work with you from concept to delivery.

In an increasingly competitive world, your brand needs to be very strong. Strong enough to influence your existing and potential customers to buy from you. Fluency will work with you to build and develop a strong, compelling brand. A brand that will support you in the competitive market in which you operate.

Fluency is here to help you to define your brand, identifying your purpose, personality, ambition and passion.

Brand Strategy

A strong brand development strategy will help you to create an effective brand identity which aligns with your company mission and vision aiding you to reach your company and product goals. At the heart of your brand strategy will be your customers and stakeholders, their needs, wants and desires. Fluency will help you define your target market, as well as create an understanding of what makes them engage. 

Brand & corporate identity

A brand identity is all elements that make up what your brand says. It expresses your values, defines your product or service communication, and defines how people feel when they interact with you and your team. Your brand identity is your business personality.

We will design cross-platform concepts that express your brand to your target audience. Whether it is your name, design guides, logo or any other artefact, we will create an immersive experience that draws people to your brand. We will design your brand to stand out in the crowd, ensuring your products and services are noticed.