JETCAM, a leading provider of CAD/CAM and nesting software for the sheet metal industry, is now a master distributor of the ZOOMFAB Express Estimator software. This cloud-based solution allows sheet metal fabricators to generate quotes quickly and accurately for their customers.

The ZOOMFAB Express Estimator simplifies and streamlines the quoting process by automating the calculation of material costs, machine run times, labour costs, and other overheads. The browser-based software is accessible from any device with an internet connection and can be customized to suit different pricing models and customer preferences.

Express Estimator includes over 100 advanced process time calculators, based on industry-proven technology tables that can be fine-tuned by the user. While designed to be used by estimators, the software is equally suited to teams that require less-trained staff to perform functions such as creating RFQs or updating material prices. Single parts or assemblies can be quickly created, with sophisticated revision control for both customer versions and different internal methods of manufacture.

The learning curve for Express Estimator is extremely short. Most users will be proficient after a day or two and staff who only need to perform certain tasks can be up and running within an hour. The product is also supported by a course in JETCAM’s award-winning online video university, ensuring new users can get assistance 24/7. There is no software to install and the product is usable the moment the account is activated.

Martin Bailey, General Manager of JETCAM International s.a.r.l., said: “This software is a game-changer for sheet metal fabricators, as it allows them to quote faster, more accurately, and more competitively, while saving time and money. The subscription model means that there’s no massive up-front purchase cost, and the customer benefits from constant development and new features. There is already cross-product integration, as Express Estimator takes advantage of JETCAM’s Free Form Nesting option, but further development and integration between the products is also already underway.”

Peter Radzim, Managing Director of ZOOMFAB TECHNOLOGIES s.a.r.l., said: “JETCAM has a long and successful history spanning nearly four decades in the sheet metal industry, and a strong reputation for delivering high-quality products and services. We are confident that JETCAM will be able to leverage their extensive network and expertise to promote and support our software and help sheet metal fabricators achieve greater efficiency and profitability.”

The ZOOMFAB Express Estimator software is available for subscription through JETCAM and selected resellers. For more information, please visit