Ilium Composites, the global manufacturer of fiberglass structural composite reinforcements, is making waves with its highly translucent fiberglass technology for light resin transfer molding. INVISIflo® is a random fiberglass mat created for translucent paneling applications in closed mold processes. With its release, Ilium Composites has increased the availability of translucent composites for consumers and applications, encouraging its use in a greater set of industries.

INVISIflo® has become a competitive material in the translucent L-RTM market thanks to its high drapability and outstanding resin wetout, producing unbeaten translucency in composite fiberglass. The see-through properties can be incorporated into structural components for expanded functionality, such as waterpark slides.

Colin Leatham-Locke, Business Development Manager at Ilium Composites, said: “INVISIflo® presents the next generation of high translucency within composite fiberglass reinforcements. It’s a strong competitor for L-RTM applications and exhibits unprecedented drapability for any closed mold process.”

INVISIflo® compliments Ilium Composites’ extensive range of glass fiber reinforcements by utilizing the company’s unique low-cost system, making the material widely available to more applications. Key features of INVISIflo® include:

  • Unbeaten translucency
  • Visual reduction of star cracks
  • Custom weight ranges

For a technical data sheet, or to explore the entire ULTImat® range, please visit the Ilium Composites website.