Client: Ilium Composites (Ilium Composites website)

Industry: Composites – Fiberglass Reinforcements

Challenge: Ilium Composites, a leading innovator in fiberglass reinforcements, needed a website that reflected their cutting-edge technology and established their position as an industry leader. Their existing website lacked visual appeal, clear communication of their value proposition, and didn’t effectively target their audience. Ilium had been working with another supplier for some time and the project wasn’t progressing. With a major industry exhibition just 8 weeks away, Ilium were running out of time.

Fluency’s Solution:

  • Brand Alignment: Our design team worked closely with Ilium Composites to understand their brand identity and core messaging. We developed a website that visually represented their commitment to innovation and quality, using a clean, modern aesthetic and high-quality visuals.
  • Targeted Content: Fluency developed clear and concise website copy that effectively communicated the benefits of Ilium’s fiberglass reinforcement products. We focused on highlighting the unique selling points and how they improve efficiency and profitability for customers in the GRP industry.
  • User Experience (UX) Design: The website was designed with a user-centric approach, ensuring a smooth and intuitive navigation experience. We prioritised easy access to key information, including product details, technical specifications, and contact information.
  • Conversion Optimisation: Fluency implemented strategic calls to action throughout the website, encouraging visitors to learn more, download resources, or contact Ilium for a quote.


  • Increased Brand Credibility: The new website helped Ilium Composites establish themselves as a thought leader in the industry. The professional design and informative content conveyed a sense of trust and expertise to potential customers.
  • Improved Lead Generation: The website’s clear calls to action and user-friendly design resulted in an increase in qualified leads for Ilium Composites.
  • Enhanced Brand Awareness: The website’s clean design and engaging content made it easier for visitors to understand Ilium’s value proposition, leading to improved brand awareness.

This case study demonstrates Fluency’s expertise in creating high-performing websites that drive results. By combining strategic design with targeted content and user-centric navigation, Fluency helped Ilium Composites achieve their business goals.

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