Ilium Composites, the global manufacturer of fiberglass structural composite reinforcements, is set to showcase a variety of innovative composite fiberglass reinforcements, ranging from pultrusion and hand lamination, to fire retardant and surface finish critical applications.

JEC World takes place on 25 – 27 April 2023 in Paris. Ilium Composites will exhibit at the three-day event in Hall 5, Stand N13, where a member of the team will be available to discuss the range of fiberglass reinforcement solution, as well as their relevant industries. Each product will be displayed on the stand for an up-close presentation of the features and benefits.

As part of the company’s collection of ULTImat® innovations, JEC World will host a number of reinforcements that establish unique properties. ULTImat® FR is a fire-retardant fiberglass reinforcement that is much lighter than glass core alternatives. It is used as a fire safety standard for external cladding and vehicle components, achieving EN45545 and ASTM 162/662 standards.  Visitors to JEC World will get a hands-on understanding of the reinforcement’s versatility in fire safety. Available for all closed mold processes, the bespoke proprietary fire-retardant core sits between two fiberglass layers with an additional surface veil on top that reduces the appearance of glass fibers.

By improving safety, Ilium Composites adheres to sustainable practices in manufacture and application for each of its products. ULTImat® CSM is a premium chopped strand mat that can be used with sustainable resin compounds without requiring harmful styrene. With competitive osmosis and chemical resistance, ULTImat® CSM can further act as an environmentally friendly skin coat that reduces the presence of Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC). With additional wet-out times faster than a standard CSM, Ilium Composites’ chopped strand mat is the ultimate solution for open mold and hand lamination applications.

The company continues to innovate closed mold processes for a range of applications. ULTImat® invisiflo is a clear panel reinforcement which exhibits high drape and excellent resin wet-out for optimum translucency. Its suitability ranges from lighting, architecture, and recreation, to waterparks, sporting goods, and fire-retardant applications. Maintaining the benefits of the ULTImat® range, the translucent reinforcement requires no chemical binder, is ideal for cold preforming, displays superior visual appearance, and remains cost effective.

Colin Leatham-Locke, Business Development Manager at Ilium Composites, said: “We have a great, unique range of products on offer this year at JEC World. Visitors are welcome to come and explore the range of possibilities with our ULTImat® innovations, get hands-on with the fiberglass mats, and experience a product like no other, whatever the industry.”

In addition to its ULTImat® range, Ilium Composites will showcase its unique, high-performing pultrusion reinforcement that is produced in-house. FLEXmat® is an innovative glass fiber reinforcement that offers greater versatility with significant advantages. The mat is made from long chopped glass fiber and thermo-bonded between two lightweight polyester veils. This negates the need for stitching or chemical binders and provides unrivalled wet and dry tensile strength during processing. With an integrated surface veil, Ilium Composites is set to showcase FLEXmat® as a healthier and cleaner alternative for pultrusion manufacturers, eliminating costs through unnecessary secondary veils while allowing for additional reinforcement incorporations.

Ilium Composites will be on display at JEC World in Paris, from 25 – 27 April 2023, in Hall 5, Stand N13. For more information or to make an appointment at the show, please visit the website or email