Ilium Composites, a global manufacturer and distributor of fiberglass reinforcements, has been re-awarded ISO 9001:2015 certification, once again achieving a low number of observations for its ongoing commitment to internationally proven high-quality products and customer service.


After undergoing a rigorous evaluation from TÜV Middle East, the company passed successfully, achieving zero non-conformities. With an ongoing commitment to value, the company’s quality assurance policy ensures it continues to meet and exceed customer expectations by adhering to individual standards and requirements, continuing to enhance business performance and empowering through training and communication.


In the last twelve months, Ilium Composites has invested in personnel and equipment to further improve consistency, quality control and reporting. The company’s product innovation and research and development advances have also resulted in reduced waste and independent recognition as a world leading manufacturer of closed mold reinforcements.


Jacques Paque, Technical Manager at Ilium Composites, speaks on achieving certification: “We are delighted to be recertified to ISO 9001:2015, providing market leading products at competitive prices. This recognizes the hard work of all Ilium colleagues and emphasizes that our dedication to quality, continuous improvement and customer satisfaction is at the center of everything we do.”

ISO 9001:2015 is recognized internationally as the Standard for Quality Management, promoting a dedication to quality, costs and productivity. Achieving re-accreditation assures customers that Ilium Composites is committed to providing innovative products which lead on quality and value. As well as contributing to the company’s growing international reputation, achieving ISO 90001 re-certification will continue to aid Ilium Composites in its mission to provide innovative products which outperform competitor materials in quality, cost and value.

To read more about the company’s fiberglass reinforcement products, please visit the Ilium Composites website.