Ilium Composites, the global manufacturer of fiberglass structural composite reinforcements, is proud to release its latest high-performing material technology for composite construction, industrial, and marine utility applications. FLEXmat® is an innovative glass fiber pultrusion reinforcement, supplied in 1270mm wide rolls. It joins the company’s current offering of chopped strand mats and unique integrated veils for unprecedented composite safety and surface aesthetics.

FLEXmat® is made from long chopped glass fiber and thermo-bonded between two lightweight polyester veils. The integrated veil reaches a high melting point of 180oC, making FLEXmat® ideal for high temperature exposure during pultrusion processes. Its design also allows for a slower pull on thick profiles.

Colin Leatham-Locke, Business Development Manager at Ilium Composites, said: “The team at Ilium Composites has been hard at work to deliver the ultimate fiberglass reinforcement for primary use in pultrusion. FLEXmat® continues to offer benefits featured throughout the company’s product line, including low cost, chemical resistance, and no stitching.”

FLEXmat® offers unbeaten adaptability with significant advantages:

  • Thermo-bonded without stitching
  • No chemical binder
  • Multi-resin compatibility
  • Can incorporate other reinforcements

Produced in-house, FLEXmat® is resistant to osmosis and hazardous chemicals, without the need for additional barriers. During processing, the reinforcement displays unrivalled wet and dry tensile strength that reduces the potential for material stretching.

Ilium Composites has worked towards developing a healthy and clean work environment for pultrusion manufacture. Cost is reduced through the elimination of secondary veils while maintaining the company’s signature surface finish.

For a technical data sheet, or to explore the entire ULTImat® range, please visit the Ilium Composites website.