Ilium Composites, the global manufacturer of fiberglass structural composite reinforcements, is continuing to push the boundaries of composite innovation with its revolutionary ULTImat® preform.

Using exclusive in-house technology, Ilium Composites has developed an ULTImat® multi-layer fiberglass reinforcement comprised of chopped fiber with a preformable thermoplastic core. ULTImat® preform carries the benefits found across the ULTImat® range, including stitch-free drapability, unmatched inter-laminar shear strength, and improved osmosis and chemical resistance. These capabilities are a staple of Ilium Composite’s quality, allowing for reliable, high-volume supply.

Throughout common manufacturing practices, preforms are created in separate molds before the material is used as part of a composite closed mold process. The molding of the fiber form depends on the placement orientation of the chopped fibers to determine, shape, scale, and thickness. Often utilizing a binder in conjunction with spray coatings, its manufacture is commonly prolonged by setup processes before the preform can be used to create an end-product.

Ilium Composites has streamlined its ULTImat® preform manufacturing using an efficient and quick preform part creation process. The low-cost system requires no chemical binder and can be formed without excessive heating requirements, further reducing the need for expensive tooling. ULTImat® products are made stitch-free, with its preform effortlessly combining several continuous reinforcements for high-volume output.

Speaking on the effectiveness of the product, Colin Leatham-Locke, Business Development Manager at Ilium Composites, said: “Our ULTImat® preform is available for a variety of applications thanks to a low-cost system that can achieve high volume for complex parts. These can be found in marine applications for boat hulls, construction cladding, and even industrial solutions. When compared with preforms on the market, ULTImat® preform reduces layup times by 70% without the need for metal tools”.

ULTImat® preform is available in a pack of four 55mm x 1270mm rolls. For a technical data sheet, or to explore the entire ULTImat® range, please visit the Ilium Composites website.