CIMComp, research hub for the future of composites manufacturing, will be attending the International Composites Summit (ICS) in London on 21-22 September 2022 at Pod 30.


ICS is a valuable platform for which the EPSRC can promote its research and development efforts towards automated manufacturing technologies. These technologies deliver components and structures for demanding applications, particularly in the aerospace, transportation, construction, and energy sectors.


The Hub expects to underpin the growth potential of the composites industry. The International Composites Summit will be an opportunity for attendees to explore the ways in which CIMComp are tackling this challenge. This includes  enhancing process robustness through process science to deliver accelerated growth, and diversifying into emerging sectors by developing high rate processing technologies for high quality structures.


Within this challenge, CIMComp will showcase five research areas of priority at ICS:


  • High-rate deposition and rapid processing technologies.
  • Design for manufacture via validated simulation.
  • Manufacturing for multifunctional composites and integrated structures.
  • Inspection and in-process evaluation.
  • Recycling and re-use.


[XXX of CIMComp] said: “The International Composites Summit is an exciting opportunity to showcase the challenges we aim to explore, as well as witness the immense scale of composite application that the CIMComp Hub work to improving and advance. We look forward to thought-provoking discussion on how we can further the presence and efficiency of composite materials in everyday life.”


ICS hosts the discussion of global supply chains and growth in the composites sector. To register for this free-to-attend exhibition, please visit the International Composites Summit website: