Ilium Composites, the global manufacturer of fiberglass structural composite reinforcements, is set to exhibit at the upcoming International Composites Summit (ICS) taking place at the Marshall Arena, Milton Keynes, UK, on the 6th and 7th September.

As a leading manufacturer and distributor of fiberglass reinforcement, Ilium is set to showcase its groundbreaking products, FLEXmat® and ULTImat®, which are ideal for marine, transport, and industrial applications.

FLEXmat®: A game-changing high-performance, randomly oriented glass fiber reinforcement designed for pultrusion and continuous lamination processes. FLEXmat® is produced using Ilium’s proprietary technology, offering exceptional wet and dry tensile strength, multi-resin compatibility, and improved part finish. With its structural integrity, FLEXmat® eliminates the need for stitching or chemical binders, providing commercial applications with unparalleled strength and efficiency.

ULTImat®: An advanced glass fiber reinforcement that incorporates a synthetic core sandwiched between chopped glass fiber layers, enhanced by a synthetic integrated veil. Ilium’s unique technology sets ULTImat® apart, delivering benefits that competitors cannot match. Lightweight incorporated surface veils reduce fiber print in surface-critical applications, while a commitment to sustainability is demonstrated using 50% recycled polyester flow media. ULTImat® stands as a testament to Ilium’s dedication to quality without compromise.

Partnership Highlight: Alan Harper Composites

Customers are also invited to visit Alan Harper Composites during the event where the team will demonstrate its renowned closed molding process, the Fibre Infusion Reusable Silicone Technology (fiRST), utilizing Ilium’s ULTImat material. This process presents significant production cost savings and efficiency improvements over traditional composite molding methods.

Benefits of ULTImat for the fiRST Process:

  • No Stitch: Enhanced print-through performance at no extra cost.
  • Lightweight Polyester Veil: Superior surface finish and inherent protection against water and chemical exposure.
  • Inherent Blister Protection: Ensures durability in wet applications.
  • Polyester Core: Improved resin compatibility, heightened ILSS (c. 5%), and superior fire-retardant properties.
  • Preformable: Ilium can be pre-formed without an additional binder, streamlining the process.
  • Clean and Tidy Cuts: Surface veil design prevents fiber fallout during cuts.
  • Uniform Conformability: Consistent and optimizable conformability for diverse applications.
  • Integrated Production: Every component of Ilium’s reinforcement is produced in line from staple fiber, ensuring quality control at every step.

Colin Leatham-Locke, Business Development Manager at Ilium Composites, said: “At Ilium, we are committed to shaping the evolution of closed mold processes through continuous innovation in composite reinforcements. With FLEXmat® and ULTImat®, we’re dedicated to advancing everyday applications. We are looking forward to being part of the International Composites Summit once again, where we’ll showcase how our products are pushing boundaries in practical and effective ways.”

For more information, please visit us during the event on pod 8, or visit the Ilium Composites website.