Composites technology company Cygnet Texkimp [Northwich, UK] along with partner Longworth are pleased to announce their resounding victory at the Make UK North West Regional Finals, securing the valued Energy & Sustainability Award. The gala event, held on November 7, 2023, celebrated their exceptional contribution to environmental sustainability and innovation.

Cygnet Texkimp and Longworth were shortlisted for this award in recognition of their groundbreaking materials recycling solution, DEECOM®. This revolutionary solution has been designed to combat the ecological challenges posed by waste in the global composites manufacturing industry.

DEECOM® employs an innovative process known as pressolysis, which utilises pressurised steam to de-manufacture composite materials and components. Through this cutting-edge process, DEECOM® effectively separates and reclaims constituent elements, including high-quality carbon fibre, for subsequent use in the production of new composites or other industries. This innovative approach holds the potential to benefit a wide array of sectors, ranging from marine and wind turbines to automotive, aerospace, rail, and construction.

Luke Vardy, CEO of Cygnet Texkimp, expressed his delight at being shortlisted for the Make UK Awards for the second consecutive year. He stated, “Manufacturing communities worldwide are under mounting pressure to manage waste in an environmentally sustainable manner, driven by increasing regulations and the growing demand from consumers and businesses committed to adopting greener practices, from automobiles to packaging. Composite materials, known for their complexity in recycling, play a pivotal role in achieving energy efficiency and Net Zero sustainability goals, especially in the transport and renewable energy sectors.”

“DEECOM® significantly reduces the life cycle impact of manufactured composite materials and components,” Vardy continued, “by granting the fibres and resins a second life and the potential for multiple life cycles, thereby creating a secure supply of high-quality recycled carbon fibre.”

Jen Hill, Director of Longworth, expressed her pride in their recognition at the Make UK Awards. She emphasised the importance of DEECOM® in achieving materials circularity, stating, “DEECOM® ensures that nothing goes to waste. No element of the composite material or component needs to be discarded or consigned to landfill. The technology not only reduces CO² emissions, including embedded emissions, by reducing waste to landfills but also diminishes the dependence on imported raw materials, thereby cutting down on the loss of heat energy during the process.”

Hill further highlighted the positive impact of DEECOM® on the UK economy, stating, “This solution not only lessens our reliance on imported materials, reducing both financial and environmental costs, but it also addresses the challenges associated with international supply chains. It enhances the UK’s ability to export eco-friendly materials, reduces the need for foreign material imports, and creates opportunities for high-tech employment from our own supply of top-quality, sustainable materials.”

The Make UK Manufacturing Awards are a well-respected platform for recognising and celebrating exceptional contributions to the manufacturing sector. Cygnet Texkimp and Longworth’s victory in the Energy & Sustainability category underscores their dedication to environmental sustainability, innovation, and their positive impact on the industry.

For more information about the Make UK Manufacturing Awards, please visit Make UK Website.