COMPCUT will demonstrate both its ACS 300 saw and its PCR 300 router from its stand R89 which can be found in hall 6.

The ACS 300 is the smallest of COMPCUT’s range of advanced composite cutting solutions. It offers a 300 x 300mm clear panel size which is ideally suited for producing test specimens, providing highly consistent and accurate parallelism and perpendicularity (down to 0.03mm). The finish of the machined test samples requires no post-processing, which makes these machines an obvious choice for R&D and test centres.

The PCR 300 offers a ‘hybrid’ machining solution combining both routing and CNC milling, capable of cutting high precision ‘dog bone’ and ‘open hole’ compression test samples from an increasingly diverse range of composite materials. The PCR 300 Router is available as a ‘complete solution package’ with a comprehensive range of cutting tools plus a suite of machining programmes (application dependent), making it quick and easy to operate. This intuitive cutting system has been specifically designed to produce highly accurate specimens and production components with an excellent surface finish, plus excellent parallelism and perpendicularity.

In conjunction with the machines’ demonstrations, JEC attendees are invited to bring their own composite materials with them to the show, and witness first-hand the leading capabilities of COMPCUT’s cut quality and accuracy on these materials.